Mocha:off needles

I am quite happy with this outcome.

I just have to wash and block this newly knitted sweater.



Mocha Pt 4 : Bodice / sitting posture

My wellness

I have about four to five people out of twelve people in each of my fitness class have got tensed neck, shoulders and upper back.

Interesting thing is that the most of them are into knitting or crocheting daily.

Many of us don’t have a habit of using the abdominal muscles to support our upper body so we tend to tighten our neck and shoulders to stabilize the upper body and the arm movements to sit, read, knit or crochet, and then the tensions at the neck and shoulders usually lead to pain and headaches…

I also have to constantly remind myself as I knit, to draw my abdominal in and up in order to stabilize my torso, and to keep my shoulders back and down to create a healthy posture.


I always prefer to meet up with my friends somewhere quiet, but it is getting a bit chilly out here…


My knitting project

It is so much fun to create my own knitting pattern as I knit.

I am knitting from the top in one piece so it’s easier to do so.

I measured and knitted my chest circumference to be 90cm this time, and 83cm around my waist, 96cm around my bottom. This way, it will give a bit of nice body shape.

I am about to bind off the bodice, and then start to knit the sleeve.



My Mocha Raglan top down sweater Pt1

My Mocha Raglan top down sweater Pt2

My Mocha Raglan top down sweater pt3



Trefoil lace stitch /bladder control issue

My wellness

When it comes to my own fitness training, I like to keep it minimum as possible as I prefer to spent more time knitting.

This month, I am focusing on my thigh, pelvic floor, and abdominal muscles.

As we age, the muscles, ligaments and connective tissues supporting the bladder, bowel, and pelvic organs tends to become week, then many of us start having a bladder control issue .

To avoid that, I am spending some time working on squats based exercises for 20minutes x 2 days including some stretch exercises. Other than that, I go out brisk walking for my cardiovascular exercise for about 40 minutes few times a week.



My Knitting projects

It surely getting colder lately, and I like to start wearing a scarf especially in the morning when I leave my flat.

I have crocheted this beautiful scarf at the beginning of this year using ‘Trefoil lace stitch’.


It still looks very nice so I am going to use it this winter as well.

Thanks to Crystal from the Bag-0-day crochet channel, she is giving us a wonderful tutorial on ‘Trefoil lace stitch’.



yoke shaping : Mocha Pt3

My wellness

In the beginning of this year, my skin has become dehydrated all the sudden and started to have some allergic reactions around my eyes. After much of seeking counseling and research on my own I have discovered the cause of it.

It was aging of course, I am in the middle of menopause, and other than that it was too much sugar intake around Christmas time!

Too much sugar have created some harmful molecules inside my body, they damaged collagen and elastin in my skin, and then appeared as the allergic reaction and dehydrated skin.

I was totally off sugar for about three month in order to cure the condition, instead fed my body with more vegetable, yogurt, pickles and some fruit.

By May this year, my skin has improved and back to normal by July but I am still been careful what to eat daily.

I was craving for some sweets this morning so I have cooked fried banana with cinnamon, without sugar of course.


It was sooooo good, delicious!


My knitting project

I had cast on 9 more stitches at the end of the row 13, plus 1 more stitch to join the neckline nicely. Now that I have joined them together I am knitting in the round.

Round 14,16,18,20: increase Kfb at each PM (8sts increased at each even rounds)

Round 15,17,19: knit all stitches

My upper arms circumference plus my upper chest circumference is about little less than 130cm.

At the round 20, this yoke circumference became about 137cm so I stopped increasing for now and started to knit Honeycomb Brioche stitches.


Soon I am going to join the armpit part in order to separate the sleeves and the bodice.

FullSizeRender (1)

To be continue….


Neckline: Mocha Pt2

My wellness

I am a people person, I love spending time with interesting people, however, I try to avoid going out at the shopping mall, eating out at the restaurants and bars on the weekend as much as possible as I prefer to enjoy the good meals and shopping in the quiet calm atmosphere.

Because of that it is quite rare for my husband and me to find a day to go out together during the week but we managed to do so the other day.

We were able to drive down to beach town called, Palmones in south Andalucía, walked around by the quiet beach, had some light lunch.


It was beautiful and refreshing!


My knitting project

I have started to knit the neck part with 6mm circular needles back and forth.

Row 1(RS): knit all stitches, increasing 1 stitch each(Kfb) before and after the marker (8stitches increased in total)

*purl every WS row

Row 3(RS) – Row 13 (RS) :increase the first and the last stitch, plus Kfb before and after the each marker. (10 sts increased  every right side rows)


Now, I am going to cast on 9sts plus 1 more stitch in order to join this neckline nicely,  and then continue to knit the rest of this yoke.


Mocha Pt1 Casting on

I very much enjoy knitting top down raglan sweater, it’s simple, easy and relaxing .

Since my swatch of two color honeycomb brioche stitch in round came out beautifully, I have decided to design my own raglan sweater with it using aran yarn.

This yarn knits to about  9.5 rows and 6 stitches per 5cmx5cm square on a 6mm needles.

So I am going to cast on 53 stitches all together with 7mm needles, and then will start knitting with 6mm needles.

Co1,PM, co14, PM, co23, PM, co 14 PM, co1


It should become size M raglan sweater in few months time.

I am quite excited!

by Ellie HS

Two color honeycomb brioche stitch in the round

At the moment, I am knitting a swatch with  ‘ two color honeycomb brioche stitch’ in the round.

It took me awhile to get it right, but I think I’m finally getting it.


Cast on even number of stitches,

Set up round (with pink): *P1, Sl1(w/yf), yo*

Round 1(with mocha):*K2, slip yo from prev.round, *

Round 2(with pink): *Sl1(w/yf), yo, P2tog*

Round 3(with mocha): *K1, slip yo from prev. round, K1*

Round 4(with pink): *P2tog, sl1(w/yf), yo*

Repeat R1-R4