Mocha Pt1 Casting on

I very much enjoy knitting top down raglan sweater, it’s simple, easy and relaxing .

Since my swatch of two color honeycomb brioche stitch in round came out beautifully, I have decided to design my own raglan sweater with it using aran yarn.

This yarn knits to about  9.5 rows and 6 stitches per 5cmx5cm square on a 6mm needles.

So I am going to cast on 53 stitches all together with 7mm needles, and then will start knitting with 6mm needles.

Co1,PM, co14, PM, co23, PM, co 14 PM, co1


It should become size M raglan sweater in few months time.

I am quite excited!

by Ellie HS


Two color honeycomb brioche stitch in the round

At the moment, I am knitting a swatch with  ‘ two color honeycomb brioche stitch’ in the round.

It took me awhile to get it right, but I think I’m finally getting it.


Cast on even number of stitches,

Set up round (with pink): *P1, Sl1(w/yf), yo*

Round 1(with mocha):*K2, slip yo from prev.round, *

Round 2(with pink): *Sl1(w/yf), yo, P2tog*

Round 3(with mocha): *K1, slip yo from prev. round, K1*

Round 4(with pink): *P2tog, sl1(w/yf), yo*

Repeat R1-R4

Hands arthritis / knitting

I have notice that good majority of matured knitters are suffering of hands arthritis. I love to knit and crochet so if I am not mindful I could be sitting down for two to three hours just happily knitting.

But it is not good for my overall health and I may easily and quickly develop hands arthritis as well so I stop myself every 20-30 minutes to stretch my hands and fingers, or give myself simple finger massage, or get up and clean the bathroom or kitchen to move my body around for awhile.

In order to continue enjoy my creation process, I must take care of my health.

I have finished knitting my rectangle shawl.

IMG_1854 (1)

I’ve used these simple purl-twist fabric stitches and I like them very much, it reminds me of elegant flower bed.

The best part of my life has begun.

I am creating my fabulous life.

Beautiful fabric

Car boot sale was happening at the nearby supermarket the other day.

I am usually after a beautiful fabric for me to practice creating some dress pattern.


There weren’t many car boot this time

but I have found some beautiful flower print fabric.


It’s two sets of curtain and a matching table cloth.

The owner of the fabric says, 10 euro for all the pieces together. I couldn’t say yes or no as I just wanted to have one big piece.

Then the owner started to give me an offer and said, ‘ what about 8 euro, 7…, okay 6 euro !’ I started to feel sorry for her as she bring the price down so I took them all for 6 euro.

I’ve been trying to declutter our living space…..However, I couldn’t really resist them, they are beautiful and very good deal.

I can practice making all kind of items with these fabrics.


The best part of my life has begun.

I am creating my fabulous life.

Rectangle shawl with purl-twist fabric stitches

During the month of July , I was feeling

quite stressed out as I had a lot to prepare

for the assessment day that was about to happen.

I needed to spend most of my spare time getting ready

for this day at the same time I needed to make sure

that I get enough time to unwind daily.


To relax my mind and distress,

I chose to knit a simple rectangle shawl.


It starts with 5 rows of  “stockinette stitches”,

then I start and end each row with 4 “knit stitches”,

and used “ purl-twist fabric stitches” at the main part.


Relaxed, simple repetitive motions such as these knitting projects

are helping me to calm down my body and my mind.

By Ellie HS

Disconnect from my work

I was looking forward to just relax and do nothing

for one day when I finish the intense five months training course.

However, the day after the last assessment

I have started to take care of my family’s laundry,

then I realized that my kitchen counter was dirty

so I started to clean entire kitchen,

and then the bathroom.


After that, I started to listen to some music

and I found myself selecting  some music for my fitness class

that will take place again from this October.


Am I a workaholic ?

All I want is a one day break before the busy season starts again.


Maybe I just have to get out of the house and out of town

to disconnect from my business and the house chores for a day.


My husband was off work the following day

so we left the town that morning,

walked around to see some street market,

went to our favorite fish restaurant to have some late lunch,

then came back all refreshed and satisfied.


We have visited several fish restaurant in the past

and we always end up coming back here whenever we come to this area

as they serve fresh anchovies at the good price, just 10 euro per plate.



Now I am ready to work hard again and dream big.


The best part of my life has begun.

I am creating my fabulous life.




My favorite foundation

I’m going to be 53 years old in a few weeks.

I’ve got some moles on my face

and small discoloration skin condition.


However, I still like to use light coverage foundation

for a day to day natural look.

I was quite comfortable using a moisturizer

and powder foundation up until January this year.


Because of my dehydrated skin condition around that time

I needed to purchase and try out several  BB cream,

tinted moisturizer, and liquid foundation.


BB cream was totally fine for me on its own for a short outing,

it just wears off quickly in the hot weather

out in the sun and during my fitness classes.

So I have decided to use liquid foundation

for the first time in a long time.


Max Factor Face Finity All Day Flawless 3 in 1.

I’ve been using this foundation for about three weeks now

and I quite like it so far.

It stays on even after my fitness classes yet have no heavy feeling on skin,

looks natural and no bothersome scent in it.

This is my favorite foundation for this summer.


The best part of my life has begun.

I am creating my fabulous life.

Ellie HS